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PrepperPal was built to provide valuable and sophisticated first aid and medical products to those who need to be ready in saving lives or for unexpected emergency situation.  With well-established and fully-equipped manufacturing facilities in China, we provide our customers a wide selection of quality products with exceptional customer service and knowledgeable sales support. Our products range from first aid bags, oxygen & intubation, emergency supplies & tools, infection control and other preparedness kits.  Everything we made is in line with our primary corporate objective of "customer satisfaction".    Sarah Zhang / General Manager  Myles Lin / VP of Sales  Our Production Lines                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          



  • First Aid Pocket Mask Bulk
    Adult & Kids CPR Pockets Resuscitator Rescue Mask

    This CPR mask features a one-way non-rebreathing valve with a biological filter and a clear, odorless dome for patient monitoring. The soft, flexible mask conforms easily to adults and children's faces and remains pliable even in extreme temperatures.

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  • PVC Manual Resuscitator Set
    Disposable PVC Ambu Bag Valve Resuscitator

    By using latex-free medical grade PVC with polycarbonate shell finished offering exceptional grip, the resuscitator is equipped with clear mask and valve housing which offer an excellent operational view. The mask is also anatomically shaped with soft adjustable air cushions to provide superb seal and patient comfort.

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  • Measuring Oropharyngeal Airway Tube
    Guedel Oropharyngeal Airway Insertion Kit

    The Guedel Airway tube is used to keep the airway open by passing the tube down to the throat. It has a low friction surface which would well-protect the pharynx from hurting. It's available in 9 colors with a bite-block flange design. The device has various applications like emergency medicine, critical care, anesthesia, and ventilation.

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  • Emergency Outdoor Camping Thermal Sleeping Bag
    Bivvy Sack Emergency Sleeping Bag

    This lightweight bivy sack is made of a reflective material, but unlike conventional Mylar materials, it is breathable. This waterproof sleeping bag is made in bright orange SOS color which will make you visible from any distance. It also acts as a beacon so rescuers can locate you easily and more quickly in times of need.

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  • Dynarex Medline Instant Hot Pack
    First Aid Instant Hot Pack

    The Disposable Hot Pack is a single-use instant heat pack that is activated when the bag is squeezed and the chemical inside mixes with the water, creating warm and gentle warmth, without causing skin burns. For the full security of the first aid, instant disposable heat packs are a must.

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  • Full Face Oxygen Mask Type
    Medical Standard Oxygen Face Mask

    To ensure a comfortable fit, this transparent mask is made of soft, flexible plastic. This mask also comes with an extra-large, flexible elastic strap to help you get the best fit possible. At flow rates ranging from 10 to 12LPM, a simple face mask can deliver oxygen concentrations ranging from 40 to 60%.

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  • Contec Pulse Oximeter CMS50D
    Dual Colors Display Digital Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

    This Pulse Oximeter Oxygen Monitor features a dual-color OLED display screen and improved sensor that can measure SPO2 and Pulse Rate at even low blood perfusion. It has 2-Way Rotating display so the results are more easily and conveniently read.

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  • Orange EMT First Aid Kit Empty Bag
    Emergency EMT First Aid Medical Bag

    Made with perfect size to fit all the essentials, this medic bag measures 18.5*9*8.6'' and comes with one large, main compartment with removable dividers, one quick-access front pocket, and two zippered side pockets. There’s ample space for all your medical and survival supplies.

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Hot & Cold Pack Therapy
Hot & Cold Pack Therapy

Are you unsure whether to use heat or cold therapy when you are injured or experiencing soreness or chronic pain? Here is an overview of how temperature can be used to aid in the healing process. Inst...

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How Space Thermal Blankets Work
How Space Thermal Blankets Work

Developed in 1964 by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center for the US space program, the Emergency Space Survival Blanket is made of a thin sheet of plastic (often PET film) coated with a metallic, refl...

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Nebulizer VS Inhaler Treatment
Nebulizer VS Inhaler Treatment

Drug therapy for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) aims to reduce the frequency and severity of attacks. This contributes to the overall improvement of your health, including your ability t...

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