Surgical & Isolation Gowns

AAMI Level 2/3/4 Waterproof Isolation Gowns

AAMI Level 2/3/4 Waterproof Isolation Gowns

These disposable isolation gowns are used to protect medical personnel from blood, body fluids, and other infectious substances during contact, as well as to protect patients from infection. It is a two-way isolation that not only prevents infection or contamination of medical personnel, but also prevents infection of patients.

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    2000 pairs
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    15 days
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    60*40*35cm, 1pcs/sterile bag, 40pcs/ctn, GW 10.2kg/ctn
Key Features
  • These PPE isolation gowns are made from high-quality polyethylene-coated polypropylene materials and provide protection against high levels of fluid and other substances
  • You can operate freely without fear of coming into contact with unnecessary fluids with these protective, lightweight, and breathable gowns for better workplace safety and job efficiency
  • It's simple to put on and take off, and it's super comfortable and durable for all-day wear by simply slipping on and tying the back waist and neck closure to keep the gown in place
  • The soft and breathable knitted cuffs are optional for more comfortability and a snug, securely-closed fit under gloves
  • Whether you are a patient, a healthcare worker, or a lab scientist, these inexpensive and fluid-resistant gowns are designed to be discarded after use to protect you from any substances on the gowns
  • You can choose the type of package, the size, and even have your personal logo printed on disposable isolation gowns with our customization service
Technical Infos

Standard AAMI Level 1 AAMI Level 2 
 AAMI Level 3  AAMI Level 4
Feature High Intensity Stitching
Ultrasonic Stitching
Heat-sealing Sleeve Fully-taped Seam


18G PP+ 20G PE Coating





Elastic Cuff/Knitted Cuff

Sterile/Non Sterile

Product FAQs
Q: Is it correct that all isolation gowns on the market today have an AAMI Level rating? 
A: No, it does not. To determine the AAMI Level rating, always look for it on the isolation gown packaging.

Q: What are the differences between isolation gowns and surgical gowns?

Disposable Isolation Gown: The isolation gown's primary function is to protect staff and patients by preventing the spread of pathogenic microorganisms and avoiding cross-infection. There are no airtightness, waterproofness, or other requirements; it is only an isolation function. The only requirement is that the isolation gown be of appropriate length and that there be no holes. Take care to avoid pollution when putting on and taking off your clothes.

Surgical Gowns: The surgical gown should be impermeable, sterile, one-piece, and capless. The cuffs of surgical gowns are typically elastic, making them easy to wear and useful when wearing sterile hand gloves. It is used not only to protect medical personnel from infectious substances, but also to maintain the sterility of the exposed parts of the operation. There are specific requirements for surgical gown materials' barrier properties, strength, microbial penetration, and comfort.

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    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.