• Hot & Cold Pack Therapy
    • 2021-02-07
    Hot & Cold Pack Therapy

    Are you unsure whether to use heat or cold therapy when you are injured or experiencing soreness or chronic pain? Here is an overview of how temperature can be used to aid in the healing process. Instant Cold Packs are widely used and effective in treating pain and swelling associated with minor injuries. A wound swells as a result of fluid leakage from blood vessels; cold causes vessels to constr...

  • How Space Thermal Blankets Work
    • 2021-05-19
    How Space Thermal Blankets Work

    Developed in 1964 by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center for the US space program, the Emergency Space Survival Blanket is made of a thin sheet of plastic (often PET film) coated with a metallic, reflecting agent, resulting in metallized polyethylene terephthalate (MPET) that is typically gold or silver in color and reflects up to 97 percent of radiated heat. While space blankets work to keep heat...

  • Nebulizer VS Inhaler Treatment
    • 2021-02-07
    Nebulizer VS Inhaler Treatment

    Drug therapy for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) aims to reduce the frequency and severity of attacks. This contributes to the overall improvement of your health, including your ability to exercise. Inhalation therapy, which includes inhalers and nebulizers, is the most frequently prescribed form of treatment for COPD. While both nebulizers and inhalers are effective in many situation...

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