CPR Pocket Masks

CPR Rescue Mask Nylon Combo Kit

CPR Rescue Mask Nylon Combo Kit

This mouth-to-mask CPR kit includes one adult size mask and one child size mask. The heavy-duty clip on the nylon pouch allows you to attach the case to belt loops, backpacks, or other first aid kits to keep this important piece of equipment right at your fingertips.

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    Adult, Child & Infant
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    30 days
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    46*36*30cm, 50pcs/ctn, 5.8kg/ctn
Key Features
  • Our latex-free all-in-one resuscitation kit includes an adult mask with one-way valve and oxygen inlet, a separate infant mask with valve, two alcohol swabs, a pair of nitrile gloves and a red zippered pouch with belt loops
  • The CPR mask combo kit is effective for victims of all ages; infants, children, and adults
  • The two antiseptic pads contain 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% water to prevent infection and cross-contamination
  • This small compact case is a great addition to any first aid kit. It is small enough to store in a quick-access compartment in any car, boat or vehicle
Technical Infos
Type First-Aid Device

Item No. 

Transparent Mask & Custom Pouch
PVC Mask & Nylon Pouch
Inspiratory Resistance <5cmH2O (at 50 l/min)
Expiratory Resistance
<5cmH2O (at 50 l/min)
Operation Temperature
-18℃ ~ 40
Application First Aid Resuscitation

Product FAQs

Q: How long do CPR masks last?

A: Depending on how they are stored, between twelve months and five years. Be sure to treat your mask as a rescue device that can save a person's life in the event of a breathing or cardiac emergency.

Q: What is a CPR pocket mask used for?

A: A pocket mask, also called a pocket face mask or CPR mask, is a device used to safely deliver breaths during cardiac arrest or respiratory arrest.

Q: Why should you choose our CPR mask?

A: The cuff is pre-inflated to ensure a quick and efficient seal, and an O2 port allows for supplemental oxygen from an external source. The mask does not contain natural rubber latex.

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Request a Quote

    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.