Nasopharyngeal Airways

Disposable PVC Nasopharyngeal Airway Kit

Disposable PVC Nasopharyngeal Airway Kit

Our trumpet nasopharyngeal airway is soft, flexible, and anatomically designed for easy insertion and maximum patient comfort. It facilitates suctioning in intensive care, general anesthesia, and also provides an alternative airway during emergency procedures.

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    Semi-transparent Green
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    Neonate to Adult
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    45 days
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Key Features
  • Anatomical design with thin-walled construction facilitates easy insertion and accommodates maximum size catheters for safe suction and patient comfort
  • Soft PVC airway with smooth, satin finish protects the patient's nasopharyngeal mucosa from the adverse effects of repeated passage and minimizes coughing and gagging during suctioning
  • Labeled with product size/I.D. in Millimeters (mm) and French gauge (Fr) for quick and easy size identification
  • A full range of sizes ranging from I.D. 12 FR to 36 FR meets the needs of patients and clinicians 
  • Nasopharyngeal Airway is sealed inside a sterile pouch which can be peeled open easily 
Technical Infos

First-Aid Device/Medical Accessory

Item No. 


Semi-transparent Green

Size Neonate to Adult
Application Emergency Care

Item No. FR
12FR 3.0mm
16FR 4.0mm
18FR 4.5mm
20FR 5.0mm
22FR 5.5mm
24FR 6.0mm
26FR 6.5mm
28FR 7.0mm
30FR 7.5mm
32FR 8.0mm
34FR 8.5mm
36FR 9.0mm

Product FAQs

Q: What is a Nasopharyngeal Airway?

A: A nasopharyngeal airway (also known as an NP Airway or NPA) is a flexible rubber tube that goes through the nose and ends at the base of tongue and used to maintain an open airway in an unconscious patient.

Q: How do I find the correct size Nasopharyngeal Airway?

A: The proper size of the nasopharyngeal airway is selected by measuring the patient, aligning the flange (flared upper portion of the airway) with the tip of the nose and holding it against the jaw, and the proper size should reach the angle of the jaw just below the earlobe.

Q: When should you not use an NPA?

A: The NPA is indicated when insertion of an OPA is technically difficult or dangerous. NPA placement can be facilitated by the use of a lubricant. Never force placement of the NPA as severe nosebleeds may occur. If it does not fit in one nare, try the other side.

Q: How to insert an NPA

A: 1. Lubricate the nasopharyngeal airway with water-soluble jelly. 2. Insert into the nostril (preferably right) vertically along the floor of the nose with a slight twisting action. Aim towards the back of the opposite eyeball. 3. Confirm patency of the airway.

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Request a Quote

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