Nasal Cannulas

High Flow FIO2 Nasal Cannula Tubing

High Flow FIO2 Nasal Cannula Tubing

These pliable plastic nasal cannulas are curved and comfortable, allowing them to fit extremely well and satisfy your oxygen needs. You can no longer experience nasal inflammation, skin abrasions, or pressure ulcers. Even better, you'll never wake up with sore, inflamed nostrils ever.

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    Adult, Pediatric & Infant
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    25 days
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    50*28*21cm, 100pcs/ctn, GW 4.1kg/ctn
Key Features
  • The tubing connects to an oxygen supply and provides a continuous stream of medical-grade oxygen to your nose
  • Made of extra-soft material, the Nasal Cannulas are economical, lightweight and latex-free that fit comfortably over the ears
  • The crush and kink resistant five-channel star tubes ensures uninterrupted oxygen flow and maximum safety to the patients
  • The length of the tubes allows flexible movement during night and day time so patients are free to do other daily tasks
  • Each nasal cannula is individually wrapped to ensure cleanliness prior to use
Technical Infos
Item No. Size Prongs Main Tube Length
Branch Tube Length Main Tube O.D
Main Tube I.D
PRP-OI-NC-IS Infant Straight 1.5cm 0.5m*2 5.0mm 2.5mm
Pediatric Straight
0.5m*2 5.0mm
Straight 1.5cm
0.5m*2 5.0mm
Infant Flared 1.5cm
0.5m*2 5.0mm
Flared 1.5cm 0.5m*2 5.0mm
Flared 1.5cm
0.5m*2 5.0mm

Product FAQs

Q: What is the advantage of Oxygen Cannula Tubing compared to other oxygen supplement device?

A: Nasal cannulas are less invasive than other oxygen delivery devices, the majority of which require the use of a face mask. In comparison, nasal cannulas usually do not interfere with normal eating and talking, and they are fairly compact.

Q: How to insert the Nasal Cannula?

A: 1. The cannula is equipped with two small prongs. Insert the curved prongs into the nostrils, with the curved prongs pointing downwards.

2. Lift the tubes so that they rest on either side of the nose and carefully fit them over the ears.

3. Adjust the slider up under the chin to avoid pain to the face. 

4. Also, make sure the tube is high on the cheekbones.

Q: Which is the difference between a nasal cannula or an oxygen mask?

A: Masks can provide a more consistent level of oxygen (usually a predetermined amount) and can help control carbon dioxide retention as well as provide oxygen to the patient. While nasal cannula is often more comfortable than an oxygen mask as the patient can speak more easily with it than with a mask.

Q: Are nasal cannulas available in various sizes?

A: Most cannulas are available in three basic sizes: adult, pediatric, and infant, which can accommodate the majority of patients. The nasal prong's shape may also vary from curved to straight, tapered to flare.

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Request a Quote

    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.