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Isopropanol Alcohol Disinfectant Hand Sanitizer

Isopropanol Alcohol Disinfectant Hand Sanitizer

Isopropyl alcohol (2-propanol), also known as isopropanol or IPA, is the most common and widely used disinfectant in pharmaceutics, hospitals, cleanrooms, and the manufacture of electronics or medical devices. We offer IPA disinfectants in a variety of sizes (1L/2L/1Gal/5L), with IPA concentrations ranging from 68 percent to 73 percent. They can keep yourself and your loved ones healthy and virus-free by sanitizing frequently and on a regular basis.

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    Transparent or Customized
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    500ml/1L/2L/1 Gallon/5L
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    SMSIsopropanol/68-73% (V/V)
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    20 days
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Key Features
  • Colorless transparent liquid; other colors such as green, blue, and red are available upon request (Adding dye in liquid does not affect the actual use effect)
  • Can be outfitted with a spray bottle in 60ml or 500ml with a 3-30min acting time
  • Can be used hand sanitizer: simply apply a sufficient amount of product to any surface and rub until the area is completely dry for about 20 seconds
  • Widely used in cleanrooms, electronics, and medical device manufacturing to eliminate microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and household pests
  • Application scope: floor, table, office equipment, daily necessities, household appliances, furniture, glass mirror, doors and windows, escalator handle, kitchenware, sanitary ware, stationery, toys, electronic touch screen, and medical appliance, among others
Technical Infos


500ml/1L/2L/1 Gallon/5L

Main Ingredient Isopropanol/68-73% (V/V)
Transparent or Customized
Application Place
Hospitals, hotels, schools, restaurants, homes, shopping malls, banks, kindergartens, railways, aviation, buses, taxis, private cars, and so on

Product FAQs
Q: How to use the Isopropanol Alcohol Disinfectant
A: Pour the disinfectant into a spray bottle in 60ml or 500ml with a 3-30min acting time, spray on hard surfaces a light mist of it and allow air to dry can kill bacteria on that surface.

Q: What is the most effective concentration of isopropyl for killing microorganisms and why?

A: The presence of water is critical in isopropyl alcohol's ability to destroy or inhibit the growth of pathogenic microorganisms. Water acts as a catalyst, assisting in the denaturation of the proteins in vegetative cell membranes. Extra water content retards evaporation, extending surface contact time and increasing effectiveness. 70% IPA solutions penetrate the cell wall more thoroughly, permeating the entire cell, coagulating all proteins, and ultimately killing the microorganism. 

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    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.