Protective Face Shield

Medical Anti-Fog Safety Face Shield Visor

Medical Anti-Fog Safety Face Shield Visor

These Safety Goggles are made of crystal clear soft PVC which can comfortably fit over most prescription glasses that you can see clearly through and they are equipped with a comfortable adjustable strap, ensuring a perfect fit for men and women of all sizes using at school, hospital, laboratory, garden, barn, construction, etc.

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    7 days
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    77*35*34cm, 10pc/opp bag, 240pcs/ctn, GW 8.5kg/ctn
Key Features
  • With this ready-to-wear protective face shield, you can help protect yourself and your customers from airborne germs, particles, and droplets
  • These face shields fit over glasses and masks and are lightweight and easily adjustable
  • Anti-fog treated and have a peel-off protective fil
  • Comfortably fit over most prescription glasses that you can see clearly through
  • Equipped with a comfortable adjustable strap, ensuring a perfect fit for men and women of all sizes
Technical Infos

Item No. PRP-IC-FS

Shield Dimension


Sponge Size


Elastic Size




Coating Anti-Fog

Product FAQs

Q: What are the applications of this Disposable Protective Full Face Shield?

A: 1. Hospital and other scientific institutions

2. Supermarket, restaurant, school, station, troops and other crowed places

3. Pharmaceutical industry, food industry, cosmetics industry, construction industry

4. Mowing grass, plasterer, cook, supermarket, airport, school, cashier, security and receptionist... who need face, eyes and nose protections

Q: How do face shields work?

A: Face shields are curved pieces of plastic that shield your eyes or face from infection. Face shields do not prevent COVID-19 transmission, but they can help reduce it. Face shields can keep large particles out of your eyes and mouth. 

Q: Can I use a face shield instead of a mask?

A: While a face shield acts as a barrier between the wearer's face and the environment, its design typically leaves a gap between the face shield and the wearer's face. Masks can completely cover the nose and mouth without such gaps. COVID-19 is primarily transmitted through droplets. As a result, masks becomes the standard when people need to leave their homes. 

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Request a Quote

    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.