Medical Basic Aluminum Single Head Stethoscope

Medical Basic Aluminum Single Head Stethoscope

By having a one-sided chest piece with an adjustable diaphragm, these single-head stethoscopes provide users with a dedicated listening experience. The chest piece allows the device to tap into a broad range of sounds and frequencies, making it ideal for medical professionals working with patients who have a variety of cardiac or cardiovascular disorders.

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Key Features
  • Anatomically adjustable to ensure a comfortable acoustically sealed aural fit
  • The chest piece is made by medical-grade slim, lightweight anodized aluminum with a non-chill ring for improved patient comfort
  • Background noise is reduced by molded ear tips and thick tubing for improved acoustic clarity
  • Typically the preferred model among cardiologists  for its wide frequency range and exceptionally clear sound quality
  • The set includes a diaphragm-only chest piece, two adjustable brass binaurals, two pieces of white firm threaded PVC ear tips and one set of durable Y-tubing
Technical Infos
Chest Piece Aluminum





Ear Tips



Red, yellow, blue, purple, pink, black, blue, grey etc

Product FAQs

Q: How to use a single-head stethoscope?

A: The pressure-sensitive tunable chest piece acts as both a diaphragm and a bell depending on the applied pressure. To hear low-frequency sounds, place the chest piece gently on the patient; to hear high-frequency sounds, place the chest piece on the patient with strong touch pressure.

Q: What is the best way to store a stethoscope?

A: Continuous exposure to direct sunlight will harden the tubing in your stethoscope. Keep your stethoscope away from solvents and oils. Heavy objects should not be placed on your stethoscope because they can cause it to warp or bend excessively. It should not be folded tightly in pockets.

Q: What is the benefit of a single head stethoscope?

A: The single-head stethoscope is tasked with monitoring heart sounds. A stethoscope used in cardiology is an example of this. A cardiology stethoscope is an example of this. Although not as versatile as its dual-head counterpart, single-head equipment has a wider frequency range and a clearer tone.

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