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Multi Adjustable Venturi Oxygen Mask

Multi Adjustable Venturi Oxygen Mask

This Venturi oxygen mask is an oxygen kit that enables the user to regulate the amount of oxygen supplied from an oxygen tank cylinder. It comes with seven separate color-coded diluters which represent oxygen percentages of 24, 28, 31, 40, 50, and 60%.

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    Transparent Green
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    Adult, Pediatric & Infant
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    25 days
Key Features
  • Each kit includes 7 adapters for high humidity entrainment, an oxygen mask, corrugated tubing, and 2m of oxygen supply tubing
  • The color-coded multiple jets indicate the oxygen percentage of 24% (blue), 28% (yellow), 31% (white), 35% (green), 40% (pink), 50% (orange), 60% (red) 
  • The corrugated tubing helps extend the catheter that connects to the diluter, allowing for different oxygen flow angles
  • The mask has an adjustable nose clip and strap to ensure a secure fit of the mask
  • The transparent PVC mask reduces the occurrence of allergies and infections in the nasal area and ensures clear visualization of patient 
  • All materials are not made with natural rubber latex
Technical Infos

Item No. Size PCS/CTN
PRP-OI-OMVR-I Infant 100 59*40*38cm 11.1kg
Pediatric-S 100
100 59*40*38cm
Adult-M 100 59*40*40cm 10.0kg
100 59*40*40cm 9.8kg
100 59*40*40cm

Product FAQs

Q: How much oxygen does a Venturi mask supply?

A: The Venturi mask is a high-flow device that delivers a fixed oxygen concentration of 24% to 60%. 

Q: When should you use a Venturi mask?

A: This device is suitable for patients who have a hypoxic respiratory drive but also requires supplemental oxygen.

Q: Why are oxygen masks used in hospitals?

A: Oxygen may be administered in hospitals, clinics, or specialized care facilities using nasal cannula or face masks. They are commonly used to control a person's carbon dioxide retention as well as to provide supplemental oxygen.

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Request a Quote

    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.