Anesthesia Masks

Open Cuff Silicone Anesthesia Face Mask

Open Cuff Silicone Anesthesia Face Mask

These Open Cuff silicone face masks are designed for use with manual and automatic resuscitators and ventilators. The masks are made of soft silicone and are shaped to fit both adults and children comfortably.

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    Neonate to Adult
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    45 days
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Key Features
  • Silicone Rubber Face mask is autoclavable with precision-molded surfaces that provide a perfect mask shape, achieving an excellent seal for the patient
  • The anesthesia mask is made of imported medical grade silicone which has leakproof, soft, and comfortable seal
  • Textured, molded edge allows for maximum patient comfort and tight seal, with the transparent cuff for patient monitoring
  • The reusable silicone anesthesia face masks can be fully autoclaved up to 50 times
  • 22mm and 15mm connectors ensure compatibility with all common catheter mounts and breathing systems
  • The anatomical shape also provides for a perfect fit on the patient's face
Technical Infos

First-Aid Device/Medical Accessory

Item No. 



Size Neonate to Adult

General Anesthesia

Item No.



Weight Qty/Ctn
Neonate 15mm O.D.
19g 100pcs
Infant 15mm O.D. 29g 100pcs
Pediatric 22mm I.D. 39g 100pcs
Adult-S 22mm I.D. 60g 50pcs
Adult-M 22mm I.D. 82g 50pcs
Adult-L 22mm I.D. 98g 50pcs
22mm I.D.

Product FAQs

Q: How long can you wear a silicone mask?

A: The chemical and physical stability of silicone rubber has been evaluated for well over 20 years without dry rot, discoloration, or elasticity loss. As long as the mask is handled with moderate care and not intentionally damaged, it should last about 20 years, if not a lifetime.

Q: Can this mask be reused?

A: Yes, it can be repeatedly autoclaved at 134°C, which reduces the risk of cross-contamination and infectious disease.

Q: How do you repair silicone?

A: 1. Use sandpaper to roughen the silicone rubber, then clean the surface with a soft cloth; 2. Soak the silicone rubber with a bonding agent for polymers; 3. Spray one of the silicone rubber surfaces with a solvent-based activator/accelerator (AA); 4. Heat both surfaces with a hairdryer or heat gun.

Q: How to disinfect the silicone anesthesia face mask?

A:1. Rinse in lukewarm ( 43°C) water before exposing to detergent; 2. Wash mask in hot water (60°-70°C) with a detergent compatible with the mask material; 3. Rinse the mask in clean water until all traces of the detergent are removed. Allow it to air dry; 4. Autoclave at 132-137ºC for 15 minutes. Allow the parts to cool.

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Request a Quote

    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.